ExoSkeleton Innovations

Empowering Athletes Through Transformative Training
Project Overview
What? - This site was designed for a Design-A-Thon challenge hosted by Kennesaw State University and HatchBridge. Designing this involved collaborating with HatchBridge, a small business incubator, to design and develop a new website for ExoSkeleton Innovations (ESI). ESI is a company at the forefront of athletic exoskeleton technology, but their existing website did not reflect their innovative approach. This project involved a complete brand overhaul and site redesign.

Placement - 1st Place

Duration - 1 Week

Team - Tyler Eckert, Ryan Manterola, Zarek Lacsamana

Tools - Figma, WebFlow

What is it?

ExoSkeleton Innovations is a site designed for a Design-A-Thon challenge at Kennesaw State University.
ExoSkeleton Innovations is working on the cutting edge of sports health science, designing tools to optimize athletic performance and reduce injury risk. However, their existing website failed to capture this innovation. ESI's website essentially acted as a missed opportunity. It failed to effectively connect with their target audience and showcase their revolutionary product. This presented a crucial challenge that needed to be addressed.

To address the challenges faced by ExoSkeleton Innovations, a collaborative website redesign project was undertaken. The website received a complete visual overhaul. A sleek, modern aesthetic was implemented, reflecting the cutting-edge nature of ESI's technology and aligning with the expectations of today's tech-savvy athletes. The website now effectively explains how the exoskeleton optimizes performance by enhancing strength, speed, and power through personalized resistance training. The revamped website empowers ESI to effectively connect with athletes, establish them as a frontrunner in their field, and ultimately drive sales of their revolutionary products.

Design Process

Brand overhaul and rapid website development with Webflow: concept to interactive prototype in a week.
Original ExoSkeleton Innovations Site
Style Guide
High Fidelity Prototype

The finalized high fidelity prototype was built off of the wireframes, and using the style guide we had developed earlier in the process. Once completed, this design was presented in front of all other teams competing and the stakeholders for ExoSkeleton Innovations. This design landed in first place and won the Design-A-Thon.

A link to the prototype is located at the top of the page.
Tyler Eckert
User Experience Designer
Product Management